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In the begining of the XXth century, three brothers left Hungary and emigrated to United States :

  • Istvan Toth and his wife Maria Kopriszlovits emigrated in 1911. They changed theirs names to Steve and Mary Toth
  • Pal Toth, who emigrated in New-York city in 1954-55
  • (with no certitude) Barna Toth, his wife Dominique Bara and probably their daugther

Story of Istvan and Maria Toth

Istvan Toth born the eighth of august 1883 in Eperjes (now Presov inj Slovakia). I met his wife Maria Kopriszlovits, born the 31th of august 1881. They moved to Sopron and married the 29th of april 1911. Afterwards, they emigrated in United-States.

They left Hungarian Kingdom and the 12th of march 1912, they got on the S.S Amerika in Hambourg and left Europe for USA. The travel lasted around one month and they arrived in New-York city (Ellis Island) the 7th of april 1912.


Ellis Island’s register
Ellis Island’s register


When they arrived in US, Istvan changed his firstname to Steve and Maria to Mary. In 1913, they had a baby named Eva Toth, born the 10th of august 1913 in New-York city. Between 1913 and 1918, They moved to Cleveland in Ohio, 3315 Lorain Avenue.

Unfortunately, Steve died in 1918 from Influenza (1918 flu pandemic)

Thanks to 1920 Cleveland’s census, we know Mary and Eva were still living in Cleveland this year. Mary was clerk in a department store and we know she was able to read and write. At this time, Eva was studient.

Both were living with a couple of romanian called Alexander and Livia Bacin.

Cleveland’s census (1920)

Eva married three times : Ronald J. Farrell (1912- ?), Frank Wolf and Charles Yager (1913*- ?), with no idea of marriages’order; but because she had a baby called Donna Lee Yager in 1932 (thus when she was 20), we think she married Charles Yager first off.

Later, Donna married Donald Coats (or Bryan James Coats, 1930-1991) and they had a baby named Bryan Donald Yager (1955-?). At this time, they still lived in Ohio. Mary also continued to live in Cleveland (Cleveland Ward 4, Cuyahoga, Ohio then 11608 Florian Avenue, Cleveland) and died in july 1971.

Eva died the 11th of july 1984.

In summary :

  • István Toth (1883-1918), married to Mária Kopriszlovits (1881-1971)
    • Eva M.(aria ?) (1913-1984), married to Charles Yager (1913- ?) , Franck Wolf (1913-2004) and Ronald J. Farrell (1912- ?)
      • Donna Lee (1932- ?), married to Donald (or Bryan James) Coats (1930-1991)
        • Bryan Donald Coats (1955- ?)


Story of Pal Toth

Pal Toth born in Hungary. He married Róza Vigh and they had two children :

  • Istvan Toth who died during WW2
  • Paul Dyula Toth (1947-1978) also known as Barna

Pal left Hungary and emigrated to US in 1954-1955 in New-York city. He lived with a woman named Luise (Louise) until his death near 1987. Luise died in 2008.

Story of Barna Toth

Barna (1902-?) left Hungary to France in 1925. He was an artist especially a painter. He met someone named Dominique Bara (but we don’t know if it is her real name or a stage name) and had a baby whose the firstname we don’t know. We they often traveled in US and we think they finaly established in but with no certitude.


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