Family name’s evolution

Our family’s name evoluated since ennoblement. Below, this is how the name changed. In hungarian, name is reversed comparating with international custom so I willingly modifyed its to match with international habit (for example Soky Tott Paulus => Paulus Tott Soky)

1647 : Tott alias Soky…used in the letter patent of nobility, XVIIth century
c. 1700 : KozidekKozjdekKozoidek
c. 1715 : Tott …used in patent letter and some baptem acts as the one of Paulus Tott, son of Casparus
1731 : Tóth Sooky …used in the 1731 noble census in Hungary
c. 1720 : Tott…used in patent letter and some baptem acts as the one of Paulus Tott, son of Casparus
c. 1750 : Tóth Sóki …used for Mihály Sóki Tóth, Julia Kelcz’s husband
c. 1760 : Thott …used in a military document about Michael Toth (near 1720-1796)
c. 1760 : von Toth …used in a painting represanting Michael Toth (near 1720-1796)
1761 : Tóth Sooky …used in the 1765 noble census in Hungary
c. 1770 : Toth-Soki …used for Soki-Toth Margita, Il’kovic Viktor’s wife
c. 1780 : Tóth Soóki …used by Elemer Toth’s descendance
From XIXth century : Tóth de Sók …used sometimes by Hungarian National archives
c. 1820 : Tóth-Soky …used in a military document about Stephan Toth
c. 1820 : Toth v. Soky …used in military documents about Stephan Toth
1829 : Toth v. Socky… used in a military document
c. 1850 : Tóth Sóókÿ … used by Janos Toth in the signature below an undefined document near 1850
c. 1850 : Tóth de Soköy …used one time (probably an error) in Lajos Toth and Maria Raszlaviczy’s marriage (1853)
c. 1880 : Toth alias Sooky …used by a genealogist during Gyulia Toth alias Sooky’s changing name request
c. 1880 : Tóth de Soók …used at least by a member named Gyula, XIXth century
From XXth century : Toth …used in many kinds, most often from the XIXth century
c. 1930 : Tóth-Soóki …form used in Hungary during and after communist dictature during the XXth century
c. 1950 : Tóth de totsok et de soók …seen in a picture owned by Margit W.
c. 1960 : Toth de genere Sook …used in Pal’s birth act transcription, XXth century