Tóth alias Sóky family

This website has been created  to share with everyone who comes from this family all informations available. If you’re interested by this family, if you have any information about it, please contact us by e-mail : admin@toth-soky.com

This family is known with following names and spellings :

  • Kozidek
    …used during a part of the XVIIIth century
  • Kozjdek
    …used during a part of the XVIIIth century
  • Kozoidek
    …used during a part of the XVIIIth century
  • Sóki Tóth
    …used for Mihály Sóki Tóth, Julia Kelcz’s husband
  • Soki-Toth
    …used for Soki-Toth Margita, Il’kovic Viktor’s wife
  • Soky-Tóth
    …used in a military document about Stephan Toth
  • Soóki Tóth
    …used by Elemer Toth’s descendance
  • Soóki-Tóth
    …form used in Hungary during and after communist dictature during the XXth century
  • Thott
    …used in a military document about Michael Toth (near 1720-1796)
  • Toth
    …used in many kinds, most often from the XIXth century
  • Toth alias Soky (or Toth a. Soky)
    …mostly used form, including by the genealogist Béla Kempelen
  • Toth alias Sooky (or Toth a. Sooky)
    …used by a genealogist during Gyulia Toth alias Sooky’s changing name request
  • Toth de genere Sook
    …used in Pal Toth’s birth act transcription, XXth century
  • Tóth de Soköy
    …used one time in Lajos Toth and Maria Raszlaviczy’s marriage (1853)
  • Tóth de Sók
    …used sometimes by Hungarian National archives
  • Tóth de Soók
    …used at least by a member named Gyula, XIXth century
  • Tóth de totsok et de soók
    …seen in a picture owned by Margit W.
  • Tóth másképen Sóky
    …lastname used by Csoma, a hungarian genealogist
  • Tóth Sooky
    …used in the 1765 and 1731 noble census in Hungary
  • Toth von Soky (or Toth v. Soky)
    …used in military documents about Stephan Toth
  • Tott
    …used in patent letter and some baptem acts as the one of Paulus Tott, son of Casparus
  • Tott alias Soky
    …used in the letter patent of nobility, XVIIth century
  • von Toth
    …used in a painting represanting Michael Toth (near 1720-1796)

Even this family share a very similar name and share almost the same coat of arms, Tóth alias Sóky is different as Sooky Totsoki family :

  • Tóth alias Sóky is a family ennobled in 1647.
  • Sooky Totsoki is a family ennobled in the XIVth century.

These families share similar names and coat of arms, and some genealogists trace Tóth alias Sóky family back to the XIVth century, as the Soóky totsoki family.

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