History of this family

11 June 1647, in Pozsony (now Bratislava)

Ennoblement of Paulus Toth (Tott) alias Soky, his son Andreas and Pál’s brother named Joannes

03 dec 1648, in Nitra county, current Slovakia

This ennoblment is promulged in Nitra county (Nob. XII. 804 and B 425)

1650/1660 – 1663, in Nové Zámky, current Slovakia

Pal and János lived in Nové Zámky, a stronghold in south of current Slovakia. Town is conquiered by ottomans in 1663 : we can considere Pal and János run away at this time.

Near 1690 – near 1710, in Kozojídky, Moravia

Joanness Tott’s wife Anna Horvath leave Nitra county to Kozojídky (Moravia). During this period, they have three children : Casparus, Joanness and Thomas

Near 1710, in Šaštín-Stráže, current Slovakia

This family goes back in Slovakia, in Šaštín-Stráže and uses for a moment the family name Kozoidek

1735, in Šaštín-Stráže, current Slovakia

Gaspar, Janos and Tamas proved their nobility with the patent letter

1754-55, in Tövisfalu, current Slovakia

Gaspar and Tamas justified their nobility and the one of theirs sons Gapar, Gaspar, Gyorgy, Mihaly Jozsef and Gaspar in Tövisfalu

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